Party without balloons is actually a meeting

How the figures deflate

How the figures deflate

If the balloons are tightly connected and have not been in the sun, behind the stove or destroyed in some game, they can last for quite a long time, even more than 2 months, except that they will no longer be as beautiful and shiny as the first days and will be much softer to the touch.


The glow is lost very quickly, after 2-3 days, and then the balloons are blown out slightly until all the air is out. That's why the small bubbles disappear sooner, instead of them we only see "knots".


Transparent balloons are blurred after 1-2 days and there is no help, because like any other balloons, the inside is filled with talc. Only solution is turning balloon inside out, blowing and washing it.


So, under good conditions, it is possible for a balloon figure to last for a long time, but if it is made up of many small bubbles, it cannot last long except in a hermetically sealed bag in the freezer. This is how some people prepare a lot of figures for a big order if they have no help.


Another way to slow the release of air from the balloon is to impregnate the balloon before inflating, but this is quite expensive. It is possible to maintain the gloss of the balloon longer by external impregnation, which is also expensive.

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