Welcome to my virtual creative world!

I made this website as my personal project using open source CMS.


Key Features

Layout building

I use power web layout builder with amazing menu building system, so I can make anything I imagine.

Responsible design

I know mostly visitors watch this web on their smartphones, so I take care my web is optimized for all sizes of screens and also for all OS. 

With special menu that can open with icon in the down left corner everyone can customize size of letters and colors, if has problem with reading or watching this colors.


This website is not tied into it's platform - if I want to leave then I'll not lose all of the effort and time I put into creating my website.

I am able to move this website anytime on any host I choose, or expand it if I need.

Easy to customize


 Since the design is not related to the content (because it is loaded from table in the database), I can easily change the look you see on the screen at any time without touching the content.

Easy to use


I can write, publish, edit or unpublish any content in a snap even from frontend side.

But usually I do it from

You can access this page through two domains: